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Compiled by
Helene Whitson
and Valerie Howard

Berkeley, Calif., San Francisco Bay Area Choral Archive, 1999.

Fourth Edition

• The indispensable guide to Northern California choral groups—completely revised and expanded!

• Lists and describes over 500 choruses from the greater SF Bay Area (as far afield as Carmel, Ukiah, Sacramento) which perform for the general public and/or are open to singers from the general public

• Community choruses, college and university groups, professional ensembles, some church choirs, opera & theater companies, children’s choruses, specialty ensembles

• All genres: general, opera, early music, contemporary, ethnic, folk, popular, church/sacred, gospel, barbershop, jazz, rock, seniors, singalongs

• Appendixes list orchestras that play with choruses, stores that sell choral scores, libraries, professional associations, performance rights licensing agencies and other adjunct services

• Indexes by conductor, type of chorus, rehearsal location, rehearsal day

• 744 pp. 8 1/2”x11” commercially printed, perfect binding, laminated cover

• Produced and sold below cost by the compilers as a community service

How to Order *
[*Because so much of the information is now out-of-date, we
are no longer selling the 4th edition. Copies are still available.
If you would like one, email us at the address below.]

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